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Achieve a place on the top-10 High Scores list. Do this by buying and selling a randomly selected stock from the REAL stock market.
This is REAL historical stock data dudes and dudettes.

Game Controls

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Game dynamics:

When buying/selling a stock your trade price is at the CLOSE of the current bar.
The amount traded is one-share, and your PROFIT is the dollar amount per-share made/lost.
Meaning: If you bought GOOG at $550.00 and sold it at $549.50 your PROFIT is negative fifty (50) cents.
Extrapolate this idea to fit your money-management strategy to translate this into total dollars made.

Speed up or slow down the game to your liking. You can play an ENTIRE DAY of data in just MINUTES!

Why play?

I designed this game for myself, to see how I can trade with just price-data only. No news, no noise. Just price. Get it? No volume, or any other analysis such as moving averages, stochastics or fancy-dancy MACD indicators neither.

The idea is to select a random stock, and to not look (e.g. cheat) at any other source to see where the stock is going to move, and to see if you can intuit the price action for the day.

Can you? I postulate you CAN be profitible on price alone...